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Meet The Founder

Andre D. Hayes is a NAFC certified trainer, an alumnus of THE Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University, from Winston-Salem, NC. While earning his BA degree in African American Studies, Dre discovered his love for fitness. Though he never intended on becoming a trainer, he couldn't run from his calling. "If I had never found my passion for working out, I doubt that I would've graduated...I doubt that I'd even be here, alive.

Stemming from his own personal experiences as they relate to being broke, living paycheck to paycheck, losing loved ones, and various other obstacles, Dre allows himself to be completely vulnerable and transparent when he speaks and trains, which helps him connect with people from every creed and color.

Dre is what it looks like when you relentlessly and fearlessly go after your dreams. |AllGoodSweat| is where potential meets opportunity. Dre's favorite saying is "Be definite, not relative," which means to define yourself and be that in every aspect of your life. Anybody can be "good," but it takes a different caliber of person to become "The Greatest," The Blueprint," etc.. For fun, when you meet Dre, ask him how RAW he is.

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Have you ever felt like you were losing control of your life? Have you ever felt like no matter how hard you tried it was never enough? Have you ever felt like quitting? Have you ever felt lost with no purpose or direction?... We have too. Exercising was our answer to regaining control over lives; the answer to building our confidence, which then led to achieving goals in other areas of our lives. 

Our founder and lead trainer stumbled into the fitness world during college after being told he was losing his abs and gaining weight...the least of his problems. In 2014 he was living off campus, attempting to "adult;" pay bills, work a job, and keep his grades up. all of those things were failing; his life was literally crumbling. He made a plan to start hitting the gym Monday-Friday at 7am, before class. This simple schedule provided the structure he needed and the focus that he was lacking. Soon after starting his journey, his life began changing. He found something he loved, he felt better about himself, even though things were tough, and he was able to start tackling the problems that were lingering over him.

Exercising poses challenges that are meant to help you grow...and so does life. Running 1mi may be extremely difficult the first time, right? It's hard because it may be something new or something you haven't done in a long time. But as you continuously work on your strength and endurance, it becomes easier with every attempt. Eventually you get to the point that you barely fret or sweat at the thought of running it; you may even challenge yourself to go further. 

That same attitude can be applied to other aspects of your life; school, work, and home. When you're presented with a challenge, don't get scared, nervous, anxious, or stressed, simply break it down and take it step by step. When things are out of control, focus on what you can control. Everything else will fall into place. 

Make fitness a lifestyle and not a goal. Make working hard into a habit. "How you do and treat one thing, is how you'll do and treat everything."

Regaining your confidence is possible!

Regaining control over your life is possible!

Becoming the person you want to be is possible!

Allow us to guide you on your journey and help you recognize and reach your fullest potential!!!



  • January 1, 2017 we became an LLC. That same year, not only did we get an article in FAMU's school magazine, JOURNEY, Mr. Hayes landed the cover!

  • Spring 2018, we executed an internship that taught aspiring trainers how to train, how to gain clientele, and build their brand. At the end of the internship, 2 of the interns had found their niche and created LLCs.

  • Summer 2018, the R.A.W Energy (Real Athletes Work) program was developed; focusing on athletes from middle school to college who are looking to improve their strength and conditioning. 

  • Fall 2021, the GoodSweat.Fitness program was developed; focusing primarily on those who are looking to lose weight, tone, and improve strength and overall health.

  • Winter 2021, AllGoodSweat found a gym to call home. (Look Who's Fit)

  • Spring 2022 we were featured in the online magazine OrlandoVoyager.

  • Fall 2022 we were featured in our 2nd online magazine CanvasRebel.

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