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While attending Florida A&M University, our founder Andre Hayes created |AllGoodSweat|, LLC, formerly known as #YourGirlWantMeFitness, during the Summer of 2014. That Summer served as the testing phase; trying out different exercises and routines, as well as different diets, analyzing how they effect the body. During that Summer, a small group of friends begain to tag along, which helped create enough buzz for Dre to host group session during the upcoming Fall semester of college. Though it has taken time, everything from that moment on has led us to become what we are now and what we will lead us in the near-future.

  • January 1, 2017 we became an LLC. That same year, we were not only featured in the FAMU's school magazine, JOURNEY, Mr. Hayes landed the cover!

  • Spring 2018, we executed an internship that taught aspiring trainers how to train, how to gain clientele, and build their brand. At the end of the internship, 2 of the interns were able to walk away with their own LLC, niche, and clientele.

  • Summer 2018, the R.A.W Energy program was developed; focusing primarily on college athletes.

  • Fall 2021, the GoodSweat.Fitness program was developed; focusing primarily on those who are looking to lose weight.

  • Winter 2021, AllGoodSweat found a gym to call home.

  • Spring 2022 we were featured in the online magazine OrlandoVoyager.
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The future looks bright! 

Meet The Founder

Andre D. Hayes is a NAFC certified trainer, an alumnus of THE Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University, from Winston-Salem, NC. While earning his BA degree in African American Studies, Dre joined Big Brother Little Brother Mentoring Program. This organization lit the fire in him that has led him to become what he is today.

Mr. Hayes is an author, speaker, educator, personal trainer, and mentor. Stemming from his own personal experiences as they relate to being broke, living paycheck to paycheck, losing loved ones, and various other obstacles, Dre allows himself to be completely vulnerable and transparent when he speaks, which helps him connect with people from every creed and color.

Dre's tenacious, rambunctious, undeniable attitude is the perfect example of his quote


"Be definite, NOT relative." 


Dre is what it looks like when you relentlessly and fearlessly go after your dreams. Though he is the CEO of |AllGoodSweat| LLC, it was a team effort that made all of this possible. Without the influence of his family, there would be no BlackToTheBones.

The true test of knowledge and skill is application

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