Words From The Real Athletes & GoodSweaters

Vanessa G.

"My one on one with Andre was great! He is very professional and his fitness teachings are efficient. He inspired and motivated me to workout in a greater depth. I highly recommend his services."

Adrian L.

"Dre changed my life and lifestyle! When I first found R.A.W Energy, I was an emotional wreck. I had just gotten dumped and as a result, I let my physique diminish. But Dre re-instilled my sense of confidence! The confidence alone lead me on the right path to get my life back in order. After working out with Dre and adopting the R.A.W Energy approach to life, I now know how to get myself out of those slumps without jeopardizing my health.

Mariah P.

"I've had an amazing experience thus far. I'm about halfway through the 3 month plan and I've already seen great results. I love having a trainer who not only motivates me, but is also willing to put in the work with me. I always leave my sessions feeling accomplished and looking forward to the next one. I highly recommend!"

Vicoya G.

“Dre is an amazing trainer. He definitely pushed me a lot harder than I was Expecting, but I needed it. He wouldn’t let me quit even when I wanted too. R.A.W. Energy Is definitely the move if you want to become a healthier you.”

Nakia J.

“After meeting Dre and having our first workout, it was really just for fun until I became serious about my fitness journey. Dre has pushed me past what I thought my limits were and allowed me to realize how much I love fitness. If you’re looking for a trainer that’s not only going to push you but encourage and motivate you along the way, Dre is your guy. R.A.W is not only his brand but who he is as a person. .”

Tayler F.

“Dre is great! With Dre, I learned not only how to push myself but also what I could do when I did. He taught me about consistency and perseverance. He works wonders."

Brittney S.

“When I started working out with Andre I had simple goals of just getting my body back in shape. At the end of my process I left with so much more. I was not just in shape physically but I left mentally motivated as well which changed everything. RAW Energy was that push that I needed and I’m so glad I chose him. I’m working out more regularly now, eating healthier and have a new confidence about me that I never thought I would have. ”