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Heavy Weights

"Sweaters 'R Us"
Group Training

It takes a village to raise a child and a support system to reach your goals!

Good things come to those who SWEAT!

This is your invitation to do more and push further!



  • Bring positive, can-do energy

  • Give your all at every session

  • Motivate your fellow Sweaters

  • Listen to your trainer

  • SWEAT!!!

Join the other GoodSweaters and tackle the daily routines and challenges. If you're new to working out, don't worry, we believe in a buddy system, so at no point will you be without help from either your trainer or a fellow Sweater. The experienced Sweaters have been around long enough to know EXACTLY what to do and soon you will too!

What do I get when I purchase the Sweaters R Us program?

"How To Get Fit" E-Book  

A part of this journey (more then 60% of it actually) will be your eating habits. I offer healthy food lists,  snack ideas, and a sample meal plan that can be used to shape your own. The e-book also details the different exercise/workout techniques and debunks different exercise myths that have been spread through social media.

The AllGoodSweat Discord Channel

Gain access to the private Discord channel. This is where we highlight achievements, post motivation, announce upcoming deals/events, and where Sweaters can link and talk as a family. 

When are the sessions?


Program holders can schedule up to 3 Sweat sessions per week.

Sessions are held 

  • Monday - Thursday @ 6:30am; 9am; 10:30am; 5:30pm

  • Friday @ 6:30am; 9am; 10:30am

  • Saturday @ 8am; 9am; 10am

Total monthly cost is only $300!
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